The Full Price Customer: How To Get & Keep Them

The refrain from retail CMO’s has been consistent and almost deafening.  They say: “We don’t just need more customers, but the right customers.” “We need to grow margins.” “We need to reduce our dependency on discounts.” Even during this year of economic recovery, luxury brands in particular have been seeking to improve margins and sales by selling more full […]

One-Time Buyers: The Biggest Retention Problem in Retail Commerce

Executive Summary While most brands actively invest in Customer Retention Strategies, the One-time buyers represent the largest overlooked opportunity for retail commerce marketers today. It has been that way as long as there have been retail sales. Rather than focusing on the Trial Buyers (one-time purchasers), many organizations remain focused on acquisition as the avenue […]

3 Critical Priorities for New CMO’s

Priority #1 : Shape Expectations with The Best Possible Data Setting and managing expectations with the CEO and Board requires leveraging the best possible data and customer intelligence you can get –quickly. Too often expectations are unspoken, unclear or even unrealistic from the start. Sometimes historical data is of a quality or resolution that causes […]

Average Email Open Rates & How to Increase Your Email Open Rates

  What Are Email Open Rates and Why are They So Important? When calculating email marketing metrics, one of the first things all marketers measure is the email open rate. This is the percentage of how many of your recipients actually opened the messages you sent. Open rates help you to understand if you are […]

Reasons Why You Should Never Buy an Email List [And Ways to Build One From Scratch]

  What is a Purchased Email List? A purchased (or shared) email list is any grouping of contact information obtained by a third party vendor or affiliate. A simple Google search reveals plenty of tempting ads from organizations pitching seemingly legitimate lists that claim will help expand both your customer reach and profits. After years […]

What Triggers Email Spam Filters & How Can You Avoid Them?

Why Are Your Emails Going to Spam? & Best Practices To Avoid Email Spam Filters Despite all of the time and effort you put into curating and delivering the best email campaigns possible, none of it makes a difference if your messages go straight to the spam folder – out of sight and out of […]

How to Boost Sales with Browse Abandonment Emails

What is Browse Abandonment? Browse abandonment emails are used to retarget consumers who navigate through your site but leave before putting anything in their carts. Browse abandonment is a powerful tool that tracks real-time customer behavior in order to gauge the intent of each visitor. If a customer demonstrates enough interest, a subsequent reminder/offer can […]

High Value Customer Acquisition Case Study [With Dylan’s Candy Bar]

How Dylan’s Achieved Greater Engagement, Loyalty & Profits BuyerGenomics’ CEO Mike Ferranti was joined by Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Kevin Cohen at the NEMOA (National Etailing and Mailing Organization’s) directXchange Fall Conference in Chicago, IL. At the event, they presented a Case Study detailing Dylan’s success in partnering with BuyerGenomics. Prior to engaging BuyerGenomics, Dylan’s Candy […]