BuyerGenomics advanced email builder comes with all of the traditional personalization options that you are accustomed to. But what makes it truly advanced are the different personalized recommendations that can be dropped into any creative. These recommendations are based on user history and behavior.

One example of these personalized recommendations come in the form of Window Shopping, which analyzes a users browsing history on your site and deploys a campaign when it recognizes conversion potential is highest. If there are specific items you want displayed in any given creative, our Dynamic Variable Lookup tables accomplish that.

BuyerGenomics AutoPilot monitors user behavior and deploys a personalized message at the exact right time when our AI recognizes a user is ready to buy. Apart from Window Shopping, which delivers based on a users behavior on site, AutoPilot also delivers messages based on your Customer’s Journey with your brand.

At all times, customers are moving between the different stages in their Journey. AutoPilot is there to deliver messages to prevent and greatly reduce attrition. Not only does the system reduce attrition, but it is capable of being proactive in securing the second purchases from a new customer (something all brands struggle with).

BuyerGenomics monitors every interaction a user has with your brand, allowing for a robust 360 degree view of each customer. A 360 degree view of your customer makes it so that your marketing is relevant to each individual you reach. The Universal Touch Tracking system allows for you to monitor not just the marketing sent from BuyerGenomics, but measure all of your channels.

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