Advanced Customer Segmentation

Custom-Made and Autonomously-Generated Targets

BuyerGenomics delivers total control to the marketer over who to target with campaigns. The Advanced Segmentation engine allows users to segment based on not just User Data or Transaction History, but also any website interaction, lifestage, demographics or uses exclusions to screen out who you don’t want in the target.

Machine Generated Segments Proven to Convert

On “day one” using BuyerGenomics, a host of powerful Segments are already built and waiting for you to leverage. BG’s “Smart Segments” are consistently proven to drive conversion and target the right message to the right consumer. Smart Segments are dynamically adapted to your unique business and customer base, creating immediate action and bankable value.

BuyerGenomics Advanced Segmentation capabilities can also create “Smart Seeds” to use in your look alike targeting. Based on performance, BuyerGenomics will help you to update those seeds using BG Auto-Tune™ to continually improve your performance and ROAS on Facebook and Google Ads.

Opportunity Radar

Need a strategy to present to management? Need to execute it now? BuyerGenomics has pre-built strategies ready to go segmented to your customer base, and ready to deploy to existing customers or for acquiring net new customers.

Peer through your database visually with BG Opportunity Radar™ . All you need to do is choose a strategy and your goal, and BuyerGenomics generates the Segmentation to accomplish your goal. You then have the option to create a Lookalike Target to use on Facebook or Google, deploy an email drop, or produce a file to send your next Direct Mail drop.

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