What Meta Advertising is Best for Driving Sales Growth?

Rather than a complex and overly nuanced answer to the question of which Meta advertising is best for driving sales growth, let’s get right to the point. For brands seeking the maximum impact on sales growth, the best advertising option is generally Meta Ads (formerly known as Facebook Ads.)

Meta Ads Are Considered Best for Sales Growth

Meta Ads are comprehensive and give advertisers more flexibility and targeting options compared to Boosted Posts and Promoted Posts.

Advanced Targeting

Meta Ads allow us to precisely target our audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even previous interactions with our brand. This enables us to reach potential customers who are most likely to be interested in our products, thus improving the chances of conversion. BuyerGenomics True Customer Targeting, which most often teases out greater performance and drives greater sales, works optimally with Meta Ads.

Multiple Ad Formats

With Meta Ads, we can choose from various ad formats such as image, video, carousel, slideshow, and collection ads. This allows us to showcase our products in an enticing manner, providing more information and creating a compelling call to action.

Ad Placement Options

Meta Ads can be placed across different platforms within the Meta network like Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger, not just on Facebook. This expands our reach and allows us to interact with potential customers on multiple touchpoints.

Conversion Tracking

Meta Ads come with powerful analytics tools that help us track conversions, understand how our ads are performing, and optimize them for better results.

Comparison of ‘Ads’ to ‘Boosted Posts’ & ‘Promoted Posts’

Boosted Posts and Promoted Posts are not the same, though the names sound very similar and sometimes that creates some confusion. While Boosted Posts and Promoted Posts can increase visibility and engagement, they lack the advanced targeting and conversion tracking capabilities of Meta Ads. They are both more suited for increasing brand awareness or engagement rather than driving sales. Promoted Posts however are created in Meta Ads Manager and are actually Ads, the more sophisticated of the two (Boosted & Promoted).

What To Like about Boosted Posts

Boosting a post is incredibly easy and quick. You simply choose the post, set your budget, define your audience, and you’re good to go.

Boosted posts can significantly increase the visibility of your content, ensuring it reaches more people in your target audience.

Boosted posts are great for increasing engagement, which can indirectly influence sales by building brand loyalty and awareness.

Limitations of Boosted Posts

Limited Targeting.
Boosted posts don’t offer the same level of audience targeting as Meta Ads.

Lack of Ad Formats.
Unlike Meta Ads, boosted posts do not offer different ad formats

Sales Conversion.
While they can increase visibility and engagement, boosted posts aren’t specifically designed to drive sales.

What to Like About Promoted Posts

Extended Reach
Promoted posts can help you reach audiences beyond your existing followers.

Flexible Budgeting
You have the flexibility to set your own budget based on your marketing goals.

Increased Engagement
Similar to Boosted Posts, promoted posts can increase engagement with your content.

Limitations of Promoted Posts:

Limited Targeting
Like boosted posts, promoted posts don’t offer advanced targeting options.

Conversion Tracking
Promoted posts lack robust analytics and conversion tracking tools, making it difficult to measure their direct impact on sales.

Limited Ad Placement
Promoted posts can only appear on Facebook feeds, limiting their reach compared to Meta Ads.

In summary, while Boosted Posts and Promoted Posts can play a role in a holistic social media strategy, they are generally less effective at driving sales conversions compared to Meta Ads. Their strengths lie in increasing visibility and engagement, which can indirectly support sales growth. However, for a campaign specifically aimed at increasing net new sales, Meta Ads would be the more effective option due to their advanced targeting, varied ad formats, and robust analytics capabilities.