Picture Your Hardest Marketing Problem. Solved.

Acquire more net-new customers that spend like your best customers do today.

BuyerGenomics identifies and targets prospects based on a profile of your Most Valuable Buyers, those who drive on average 80% of your business. MVBs are not just those who buy the most, but they are the ones who spend more and more often. MVBs are the opposite of “One-and-done” buyers, who are expensive to acquire because they deliver little to no value in return.

“One-and-done” buyers, on average, are 102% less valuable than Multi-time buyers.

There is a small window after the first purchase where buyers are still in the honeymoon phase with your brand. BuyerGenomics AutoPilot calculates this window on an individual level. When the system identifies the moment where conversion potential is at its highest, it will deliver a message to keep your brand at the top of mind and increase the probability of getting the second purchase.

BuyerGenomics advanced Segmentation Engine makes available all of the in-depth buyer data that exists in your database.

Anything from predictive scores to transactional data to 3rd party demographic, psychographic, ethnographic, and geographic data can be used when creating segments for your campaigns. For the marketer that does not have the time to create their own proven to convert segments, BuyerGenomics comes preloaded Smart Segments. As well, when your data is ingested you can take a look at your custom Opportunity Radar to see where the system recognizes the best opportunities.

It is much easier and much less expensive to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. BuyerGenomics monitors customers as they move throughout their Customer Journey and is capable of sending personalized messages to foster loyalty and maximize the value of each individual buyer as they move throughout their journey.

There are plenty of ways to capitalize on how you reach your customers with special offers and retargeting through social and email to reaffirm their loyal connection to your brand. Strengthen brand affinity and advocacy with specialized, intelligently structured loyalty programs. BuyerGenomics creates programs that resonate best with each individual and encourages larger and more frequent purchases.

BuyerGenomics pre-clusters all of the consumers in the U.S. specifically for your brand. This deep dive into your customer universe provides your business a key competitive advantage.

When your data is ingested into BuyerGenomics it goes through a data enhancement process that includes clustering. This clustering process takes your entire database and sorts them into unique groups or “Clusters.” Each cluster has a different description that includes information to be used in your marketing, as well as your acquisition efforts to go after the universe that matters most.

Once a buyer enters attrition, you will have to fight twice as hard to win them back. It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

BuyerGenomics optimizes all efforts to keep your current customers before having to spend more to find new replacements. Autopilot detects shifts in the customer journey through Buyer Lifecycle Analytics in order to send timely offers that bring customers back into the fold. Put stop gaps in place that help identify the early warning signs associated with churn and take corrective action in real time.

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