Custom Segmentation & Clustering Strategies

BuyerGenomics’ Smart Segments and Advanced Segment Builder bring customer, demographic, behavioral product, and transaction data together in a graphical interface that makes it easy to “laser target” specific consumers and opportunities.

Many high value segments are built automatically for you – putting results just a few clicks away. BG AutoPilot automates messaging to reach those targets on the timing and cadence of your choosing – or you can let BG AutoPilot automate it all.

Go far beyond “batch and blast” messaging. Use Buyer Lifecycle Analytics to detect when members of your audience migrate from one life stage to another. BuyerGenomics’ AutoPilot system constantly tracks these shifts and responds with highly personalized dynamic content that maximizes sales rates.

Design personalized campaigns that segment customers according to a specified set of data fields. Create “look-a-like” targets with Opportunity Radar, export customer/prospect data, and categorize customers into distinct cohorts based upon specific needs and specialized criteria.

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