360 Degree Customer View

BuyerGenomics delivers a high resolution, 360-Degree view of your customers with zero effort on your part. Personas automatically identify critical differences between customer types that exist in your database. 

Lifestyle, demographic & psychographic data is used to autonomously segment your customers into easy to understand Personas.  This graphically illustrates what type of customer is spends and grows in lifetime value (LTV) –and exactly what type of customer lacks the means & motivations to become highly profitable.

BG’s Universal Touch System tracks every interaction a user has with your brand across visits, media consumption and spending. Those touches are accessible for segmentation, and targeting ads and messages. For example, target users who came from Facebook posts and browsed in a specific category on our website.  

Touch data can be used AutoPilot automation to shepherd customers throughout their Customer Journey, and trigger personalized 1-to-1 communications to the right person at the right time.

Many systems may hold customer data but few puts customer data through a hygiene process that improves the value and actionability of it.

Our SuperMatch technology uses AI to cleanse, de-duplicate, and match customer that buy in store, online and through call centers. If a customer buys online with more than one email address, we’ll match them and roll fragmented customer records to the most frequently used address. The result is a perfectly unified Customer Data set with an accurate picture of customer lifetime value, thats ready to grow revenues on day one.

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