360 Degree Customer View

Lifestages & Clustering

To get a true 360 Degree view of your customer, you can’t stop at what they are doing with your brand. You need to know who they are as a person.

Each BuyerGenomics account goes through a thorough Clustering process as well as Lifestage grouping. This process adds data such as Psychographic and Demographic (unique industry data is also avaialble) to give you the complete picture of each customer in your database.

On-site Tracking

With the BuyerGenomics Universal Touch System you are able to monitor every interaction a user has with your brand. Pair the touch data with the BuyerLifecycle Analytics and you will be able to see your users as they move throughout their Customer Journey, and monitor the actions they take.

With this data you can create unique segments or allow AutoPilot to do the work for you and deliver autonomous messages at any point in a users journey with your brand.

Consolidate & De-Duplicate Records

Many systems can house your data but not every system puts that data through a rigorous deduplication process.

This deduplication happens the moment your data is uploaded to BuyerGenomics, matching buyers and giving you a single unified record of your customers.

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