Customer Data Platform

Why Do Brands Need a Customer Data Platform?

With the decline in transparency and measurability that created by the current privacy mandates driven by Apple and Google to head off government intervention, we’ve entered the First Party Data era. Brands cannot depend on ad platforms alone who provide less transparency and less measurement than has been possible for over a decade. As a result all brands need an effective Customer Data Platform today. A CDP however is not a good value if it’s essentially a container to store customer data, and provide basic views of that data.
That’s why the BuyerGenomics contains not only captures, cleanses, stores and manages all of your online and offline customer data it also provides easy to use marketing automation that is driven by machine learning ensuring incremental performance in ROAS, revenue and profits —autonomously.
BuyerGenomics stitches together your historical data with current and new behavioral data captured at your website, through engagement with email and SMS, and through responses to Ads of Facebook, Instagram and Google, to create an actionable view of every customer in your database, no matter how many times you might have changed websites, POS, other IT databases and CRM’s.

The Majority of CDP’s are Simply Containers to Store Data In.

The Majority of CDP’s are Simply Containers to Store Data In.

BuyerGenomics was always so much more than the typical CDP, as it was built by practicing marketers with over 200 person years of experience.  BuyerGenomics has a built Email Service Provider (“ESP”) and Predictive Marketing Automation (“PMA”) which empower you to take action in real-time, capturing incremental sales while predicting  when attrition hazards are growing in your customer base, and rescuing missed purchases. This keeps your customers happy and spending, in real time.

Clone Your Best Customers

AutoTune Customer Acquisition leverages high resolution data enhancement and machine learning to effectively “clone your best customers” and its AutoPilot Buyer Lifecycle engine will convert your one-time buyers, keep your customers engaged and shopping, and take control of attrition, using predictive marketing to act before its too late.

Seeing Is Believing

It is our experience that seeing is believing… get a free, no-obligation consultation & demo of BuyerGenomics, and see for yourself –it’s the most unique, capable, and valuable Customer Data Platform available, and the last CDP you’ll consider. The results are so good and the cost is so affordable that we Guarantee your 5X Return on Investment when you choose BuyerGenomics  —no other CDP we’re aware of, even comes close.

Transforming Raw Data to Insight & Action

No data set is perfect. If you’ve had multiple systems, ESP’s, CMS’s etc, it can get thorny to make good use of your customer data, As the expression goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” We knew this upfront and solved this problem proactively.

BuyerGenomics contains a set of machine learning algorithms called SuperMatch that automatically analyzes your database to find problems before they impact performance, and creates a single record of each individual who has purchased with your brand with all of their transactions, returns, visits, and behaviors rolled up.

BG automatically de-duplicates your database and creates hundreds of new data points that it uses, and shares with you. From the basics like gender, something you may not have for every customers, to the inter-order purchase time for every individual.


Enhance Your Customer Intelligence

Your historical customer data is often not enough to get a true 360-degree view of your customer. Who are they, really? What makes them tick? How should we talk to them?

BuyerGenomics knows, because it automatically enhances your data with demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle data that enables superior communications. When you talk to your customer in their terms, it delivers your brand on terms they value and engage with most effectively.


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