Customer Data Platform

Single Source of Truth

Every marketer needs a Customer Data Platform today, but CDP’s don’t deliver everything a busy marketer needs. That’s why BuyerGenomics contains a customer data platform that houses all of your historical and captures every new piece of real-time customer data.

BuyerGenomics stitches together the historical with the new to create a single view of every customer in your database, no matter how many times you might have changed platforms.

Your data is transformed in BG, which presents insights into your customer base and giving you an information advantage over the competitors vying for their loyalty. However, BuyerGenomcs is so much more than a CDP, it’s a “PMA,” or Predictive Marketing Automation platform.

The BuyerGenomics PMA is built not just to capture experience and transaction data, but to use it autonomously to drive sales, grow loyalty, and prevent churn.

Transforming What Used to be Unusable Data

No data set is perfect. If you’ve had multiple systems, ESP’s, CMS’s etc, it can get thorny to make good use of your customer data, As the expression goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” We knew this upfront and solved this problem proactively.

BuyerGenomics contains a set of machine learning algorithms called SuperMatch that automatically analyzes your database to find problems before they impact performance, and creates a single record of each individual who has purchased with your brand with all of their transactions, returns, visits, and behaviors rolled up.

BG automatically de-duplicates your database and creates hundreds of new data points that it uses, and shares with you. From the basics like gender, something you may not have for every customers, to the inter-order purchase time for every individual.

Enhance Your Data

Your historical customer data is often not enough to get a true 360-degree view of your customer. Who are they, really? What makes them tick? How should we talk to them?

BuyerGenomics knows, because it automatically enhances your data with demographic, psychographic, and lifestyle data that enables superior communications. When you talk to your customer in their terms, it delivers your brand on terms they value and engage with most effectively.

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