Customer Data Platform

Driven by new limits on ad performance measurement driven by Apple iOS 14+ every business has been thrust into the era of First Party Data. As a result Brands need to manage and leverage their own customer data, as ad platforms ability to do so is growing evermore compromised. This is also a great opportunity to develop skills and reduce dependency on Facebook & Google platforms to grow your business. 

As a result all direct to consumer marketers need a high performance Customer Data Platform today to survive and thrive in the First Party Data age that’s upon us.  A Customer Data Platform, however, is not a value if it’s little more than a container to store customer data, and provide basic reporting, and unfortunately the majority of CDP’s are just that.

Instead, BuyerGenomics not only captures, cleanses, and manages all of your online and offline customer data it also provides easy to use marketing automation driven by machine learning and best-in-class analytics & insights. The result is incremental performance in ROAS, revenue and profits —autonomously.
Storing and organizing data is table stakes, and it doesn’t create marketing performance on its own.
BuyerGenomics was engineered by practicing marketers with over 200 person years of experience.  BuyerGenomics also has a native Email Service Provider (“ESP”) called AutoPilot built-in that takes action sending individualized emails in real-time, capturing incremental sales. At the same time we predict  when attrition hazards are growing in your customer base, and rescuing missed purchases. This keeps your customers happy and spending, in real time. For every problem or opportunity AutoPilot has a solution ready to launch to the unique individuals that need it most.
BuyerGenomics New Customer Acquisition leverages high resolution data enhancement and machine learning to effectively “clone your best customers.” delivering a higher quality customer that spends more and spends more often.  Seamlessly, our AutoPilot Buyer Lifecycle will convert your one-time buyers, keep your customers engaged and shopping, and control attrition. It uses predictive marketing to take action at the individual level —before it’s too late.
Acquiring the highest value customers + automated customer growth helps you to create a virtuous cycle of revenue growth and profitability.

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