In the ever-evolving landscape of email deliverability, staying ahead of the game is non-negotiable. Google and Yahoo’s stringent new rules are hardly recommendations —they are a mandate. The Good News: BuyerGenomics has been tracking these changes since their inception ―and has you covered ― all the way to the inbox. Keep reading to learn more about this sea change in email marketing and email delivery in particular.


Unraveling the new Gmail email deliverability rules reveals a landscape transformed. Effective February 2024, mass senders must conform to a set of guidelines:

  1. A mass sender is anyone who sends more than 5,000 messages a day. This means you are a “Mass Sender” to the world’s largest inbox provider, Gmail.

  2. Authentication is Paramount: Mailers must employ security and authentication protocols like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC to validate the legitimacy of your emails and the identity of you as the Sender. This crucial step shields your organization from spoofing and spam attacks.

  3. Streamlined Unsubscribe Process: Simplify the process for recipients to opt out with a single-click unsubscribe link. Ensure compliance with the requirement to honor unsubscribe requests within a swift two-day timeframe.

  4. Maintain a Spam Complaint Rate of 0.3% or less. With a threshold set at 0.3%, vigilance is essential. Meet the new standards by obtaining explicit consent, including visible unsubscribe links, and promptly removing subscribers who mark your emails as spam.

The rationale behind these rules is pretty clear: Google and Yahoo aim to elevate the email experience, prioritizing safety and relevance for users. As Neil Kumaran, (Google Group Product Manager), puts it, “These changes are like a tune-up for the email world, and by fixing a few things under the hood, we can keep email running smoothly.”
We can also keep creating marketing and business value by simply being good email marketers – see The 3 Immutable Laws of Email Marketing here.
Compliance is non-negotiable. Failure to meet these standards will jeopardize your email deliverability, with potential consequences ranging from decreased visibility to being flagged as spam.


The great news: BuyerGenomics already meets and exceeds all the requirements for succeeding after Google’s and Yahoo’s new deliverability rollout!
If you aren’t a BuyerGenomics User today, here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Email Authentication

Authentication takes center stage in the new era of email deliverability. Implement SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols by February 2024 to fortify your email legitimacy.
BuyerGenomics has already required these protocols for years – so our customers are already covered! However, we’ll be taking a step further and begin requiring higher-security keys to even better secure your email deliverability.

Step 3: Manage Spam Complaints

Mitigate spam complaints by adhering to responsible email practices. Obtain explicit consent, include visible unsubscribe links, and promptly remove subscribers who mark your emails as spam.
BuyerGenomics has always autonomously managed consent and complaints. Now that Google is improving and exposing its calculated spam rates, BG has been updated to automatically monitor your spam rate results, so you can be confident that you are always below that 0.3% threshold!


BG Creative Previewing to Ensure your Emails Render Correctly across all devices and email clients. Broken links and images can be detrimental to your campaign’s success.
BG AutoPilot Resting to Prevent Overmailing Non-Responders Google has started deleting inactive accounts in December 2023, so BG AutoPilot Resting proactively validates your email list to prevent a surge in bounce rates. AutoPilot Resting also monitors recipient activity, and automatically un-enrolls those who have a demonstrated history of inactivity.
Prioritize List Quality with BG AutoClean: Yahoo emphasizes the importance of a healthy email list. AutoClean regularly purges invalid recipients to optimize your email deliverability.


Preparation is key, and your While the enforcement date is set for February 2024, adopting these best practices now not only ensures compliance but also enhances your email deliverability. The ball is in your court – act now to secure your place in the inbox and safeguard the success of your email campaigns.