Predictive Marketing Analytics & Custom Reporting

Many organizations lack the “analytics” and “visibility” to go beyond the basics, and truly know the state of the business, and the true value of each type of customer both now and over time. With BuyerGenomics, seeing deeper intelligence is as easy as logging in.

Understand what is happening now in your business and how your customers are responding. You need to know the KPIs and metrics to see where the opportunities lie, and spot problems before they arise. And about that oh-so custom report you need for a board meeting or annual review, BG can have it in your hands, in no time.

You and your team, or your dedicated Success Manager, can easily access any report you can think of. Flash Reports deliver the capability to have any metrics your organization needs to see, when you need to see it. We are told this is simply unprecedented. BG Users refer to Flash Reports as a “game changer” and “a life saver!”

BG will not only produce the metrics you want, it will update them daily and send them to the inboxes you choose. For example, you or your entire team, or your agency, are automatically on the “same page” at any cadence you choose.

Personalized intelligence is delivered to you. Imagine having strategic KPI’s you never had access to, delivered to you and your team on Monday morning before your weekly meeting. Everyone knows where they stand and what they need to do, with zero effort.

With decades of retail and e-commerce experience under our belt, BuyerGenomics was built from day one for omni-channel retailers. In fact from day one we partnered directly with multi-channel retailers and e-commerce businesses we had worked with for years to develop insights create the analytics they spent entire careers developing –and then we iterated, and made them better.

We give our customers what they need to see, when they need to see it. BuyerGenomics reports are always true omni-channel, you can see and track across all selling channels, as well as your discount/ promotion expense, order values, lifetime value, and so much more.

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