CRM & The Customer Journey

Every customer goes through discrete steps or stages in their journey with your brand. They start as prospects, and when we succeed at acquisition, they become a valuable “Trial Buyer”. This trial stage is a critical time — future spending and much less loyalty cannot be “assumed” quite yet. There are several more “zero-moments” in the Journey your buyers go through.

When you deliver a communication, are you taking into consideration where your buyer is in their Journey today? Every unique individual customer you have, is at a different stage in their Journey and their relationship with you.

Knowing which stage they are in, and more importantly which stage they are about to enter into, consistently proves critical and valuable in methodically growing higher value relationships.

Our Buyer Lifecycle Engine and analytics deliver these insights on day one, to keep your customers “Active” Buyers, and prevent churn automatically. Utilizing Buyer Lifecycle’s intelligent machine learning seamlessly with BuyerGenomics AutoPilot marketing automation, retailers experience a 32% increase in retention rate on average.

As customers move through their Journey having had a myriad of experiences and engagement, they fall into in different cadences and different stages in their relationship with you.

To capitalize on these opportunities and prevent valuable customers from falling into attrition, BuyerGenomics AutoPilot autonomously predicts the changes in behavior and life cycle at the individual level, and takes action to either arrest expected attrition or capitalize on an individualized selling opportunity.

BG AutoPilot autonomously analyzes buying patterns and behaviors, makes a prediction, and delivers the optimal message at the ideal time. The results are simple: more durable customer relationships, new sales, and higher profitability — and the ROI is guaranteed.

Managing individual customers relationships, based on their unique behavior, creates better relationships and leverages unique 1-to-1 targeted communications, growing higher Lifetime Values of every customer. “Great Businesses are Built on Great Customers”, and a winning CRM strategy requires communications relevant to the unique needs of individual customers that can anticipate changes before they happen. This is a core competency of any PMA – or Predictive Marketing Automation system – and a core function of BuyerGenomics.

Positive growth in engagement and value, and reducing declining value and attrition leads to better relationships with your customers and higher spending – creating a markedly better business.

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