Prevent Customer Churn/Attrition

When a buyer loses interest and chooses to move on, it is a real challenge to win them back. BuyerGenomics lightens the load immediately. First we detect shifts in behavior and the Customer Journey in order to send timely offers that bring customers back into the fold –before it’s too late.

When individuals do go inactive BuyerGenomics effortlessly determines the highest potential customers for reactivation, so you can focus on the best opportunities. This is particularly helpful to keep aggressive offers limited, and to ensure that investment, for example in a direct mail reactivation, touch goes to the best potential customers.

Put stop gaps in place that help identify the early warning signs associated with churn and take corrective action in real time. AutoPilot autonomously deploys messages to Faders before they become Inactives, based on each individual’s purchase cycle.

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