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BuyerGenomics continually ingests, transforms and enhances customer data that keeps your brand ahead of the curve on the minds of your customers. BuyerGenomics detects specific customer behaviors – including intent – and increases near-term potential value –in real time. This is best embodied in the Predictive Window Shopping technology, which determines when a customer exhibits peak interest in a specific product or category.

BuyerGenomics reduces the number of “one-and-done” or “one-time” buyers by executing online, offline and omni-channel marketing campaigns from a single, centralized database. BG AutoPilot is a technology that combines machine learning and marketing automation to monitor every customer, every day.

BG AutoPilot detects changes in the stages in each individual customers Buyers Lifecycle, and autonomously deploys the right message to the right person, at the ideal time. AutoPilot maximizes the value of each customer regardless of Lifecycle Stage autonomously, and consistently grows customer value with little to no effort from your team.

BuyerGenomics’ Opportunity Radar peers deep into your database and mines opportunity. It builds unique segmentation to quickly identify the customers you should focus on engaging now ―and actionable strategies you can put into action with a click or two.

Opportunity Radar is just one more tool that does the heavy lifting for busy marketers, and tees up great opportunities you can customize as much or as little as you want to. Execution of advanced PMA strategies simply couldn’t be easier!

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