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The BuyerGenomics CDP uses intelligent machine learning and marketing automation to make the entire predictive marketing process smarter, easier, & a better experience for your customers online and offline.

Much more than an old CDP, legacy ESP or CRMs… BuyerGenomics has become the Predictive Marketing Automation (PMA) tool of choice for modern retail marketers.

The CDP Actively Learns How Each Individual Customer Behaves, Buys & Responds

Capturing and organizing customer data is table stakes. BuyerGenomics continuously updates its 360-degree, omnichannel customer profile. As a result BG adapts the contents of the marketing it deploys and the timing of the marketing to produce the most relevant and valuable experience for your customer.

So while BuyerGenomics is converting the insights it derives on individual customers into action and revenues, it also produces analytics that inform your marketing strategy in meaningful ways. For example, a BG user modified their product assortment when BuyerGenomics illustrated the opportunity to sell at a higher price to a unique cohort that had previously been missed. The result was greater immediate term revenue and higher customer value over time.

The more BuyerGenomics machine learning observes your customers’ behavior and spending over time, the more effective it becomes at predicting the next steps in the customer relationship, and acting on it by deploying the right marketing to the right person at the optimal time. The direct impact on your business, is your customer engagement, conversion rate, and revenues measurably increase  –autonomously.

The CDP that Adds New Customers –That Spend More & More Often 

While businesses are grateful for the customers they have, they are always searching for more. However, not all customers are created equal. To help solve that problem, BuyerGenomics has the power to identify high- and low-value customers.

Using machine learning and human input, BuyerGenomics creates high-performing audiences for use on Facebook or Google Ads, as well as custom direct mail files for your next direct mail drop.  BG not only “zeroes in” on your next Most Valuable Buyers (MVB’s), they manage to acquire them at a much lower cost. This allows you to “stack the deck” in your business by increasing profits while eliminating the omnipresent “one-time” buyer problem.

The CDP That Grows Customer Value With Mathematical Certainty

BuyerGenomics distinguishes between the many types of buyers in your customer base and adapts marketing to meet their unique needs.

  • Trial Buyers (one-time buyers) still “on the fence” if they will buying again
  • High Potential Buyers with less repeat purchases
  • Discount and Full Price Buyers
  • Most Valuable Buyers (MVBs) that produce the majority of your profits

Buyer Lifecycle automation predicts and targets an individuals next most likely purchase, and prevents customers from fading into attrition, before it’s too late.

BG’s AutoPilot delivers targeted, timely, personalized messages to each individual according to their respective stages in your relationship.  The result is methodical, sustained customer value growth along with consistent reduction of churn. In turn, retailers, omni-channel marketers, and e-commerce firms like yours can now harness the unique capabilities that mega-retailers and digital giants currently employ.

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