Create Profitable Customers
with Mathematical Certainty.

Brands on the BuyerGenomics Customer Data Platform

Acquire Higher Value Customers

& Automate Customer Growth.

As You become a Predictive Marketing Pro.

BuyerGenomics Learns Each Customer.

Start with a system-built, most vivid picture of your Customer you have ever seen.  This is the baseline for predicting how your customer is likely to spend in the coming weeks and months ahead.

In the interim, “BG” monitors all behavior a prospect or customer exhibits and learns how to increase the probability of a first sale and drive repeat purchases.

By starting with such a clear, actionable view of the customer, you ability to acquire and grow customers is improved dramatically. From day one, BG brings a competitive advantage to not only add and grow customers –but add and grow the very best customer for your business.

Acquire Customers, That Spend a Lot More.

Many businesses are grateful for the customers they win. But few can discern which customer is best for the bottom line. We can now solve this problem, BuyerGenomics has the power to distinguish between high and low-potential customers and target your acquisition to focus on higher value customers.

Using both machine learning and human input, BuyerGenomics creates high-performing audiences for use on Facebook or Google Ads, as well as custom direct mail files for optimally targeted direct mail.  “BG” zeroes in” on your next Optimal Customer, generally acquiring them at a materially lower cost. Now you can “stack the deck” in your favor, and reducing the impact of a “one-time” buyer problem.

Grow Customer Value With AI & Automation

BuyerGenomics can distinguish between many types of customers in your base and adapts marketing to meet their unique needs and current situation.

  • Trial Buyers (or 1x buyers, trying the brand out)
  • High Potential Buyers with less repeat purchases
  • Discount vs Full Price Buyers
  • Optimal Customers who carry the profit

“BG” AutoPilot Journey automation predicts and targets the individual next most likely purchase, while rescuing customers from fading into attrition, with no human intervention required. 

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