Automated Database Marketing Software

The BuyerGenomics™ platform gives marketers the tools to improve customer relationships, grow customer value, and improve customer acquisition by unlocking the intelligence buried in your logs of historical transaction data.



Your highest-value customers are out there.
BuyerGenomics finds, grows and keeps them.

BuyerGenomics™ makes it easy to identify and target new highest-value
customers with the right message, at the right time – we
improve results with mathematical certainty.
In fact,
Your results are guaranteed.



How It Works

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No Futzing With Data

Just supply a historical transaction data file, and BG SuperMatch Algorithms autonomously analyze every transaction to parse, sanitize and improve the data, dramatically improving and reorganizing it into a discrete set of customer relationships with transaction, product and other behavioral history.

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Crack Your Customer Genome

Your “Buyer Genome” is the unique combination of lifestyle, income, demographic, and up to 200 variables of our proprietary predictive data the BuyerGenomics platform generates. Understanding the “Buyer Genome”is powerful in improving customer relationships, growing customer value, and improving highest-value customer acquisition.

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Acquire Superior New Customers

Based on “Buyer Genome” models, the BuyerGenomics platform identifies the optimal target audience of potential highest-value customers- and reaches them with uniquely tailored messages, at the times they’re most likely to purchase.


Let’s Make Success Inevitable.

Acquire net-new customers, grow customer value, simplify execution & we’ll guarantee results.
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