Your highest-value customers are out there.
BuyerGenomics finds, grows and keeps them.

BuyerGenomics™ makes it easy to identify and target new highest-value
customers with the right message, at the right time – we
improve results with mathematical certainty.
In fact,
Your results are guaranteed.


No Futzing With Data

Just supply a historical transaction data file, and BG SuperMatch Algorithms autonomously analyze every transaction to parse, sanitize and improve the data, dramatically improving and reorganizing it into a discrete set of customer relationships with transaction, product and other behavioral history.


Crack Your Customer Genome

Your “Buyer Genome” is the unique combination of lifestyle, income, demographic, and up to 200 variables of our proprietary predictive data the BuyerGenomics platform generates. Understanding the “Buyer Genome”is powerful in improving customer relationships, growing customer value, and improving highest-value customer acquisition.


Acquire Superior New Customers

Based on “Buyer Genome” models, the BuyerGenomics platform identifies the optimal target audience of potential highest-value customers- and reaches them with uniquely tailored messages, at the times they’re most likely to purchase.

Intelligently Invest in Your Highest-Value Customers

BuyerGenomics captures the channel that each transaction came in on, and the channel or ad vehicle that the customer themselves was acquired on. With this data BuyerGenomics can help marketers to see differences in the value of customers based on for example the search term they used. This enables the marketer to acquire customers based not just on the value of the first sale, but to intelligently invest in customers who have value over the second and third sales.

Made for Marketers

BuyerGenomics is made exclusively for marketers and to create a marketing competitive advantage- it simplifies the challenge of “leveraging data” with a simple to use interface, eliminating the unnecessary complexity of database optimization, querying, data enhancement and modeling. BuyerGenomics replaces data science and data processing with an easy to use marketing experience, focused on the Customer

Targeted Email Integration

Going from insights to action is as easy as clicking a button to export to your ESP, or direct integrate at the API level with the ESP of your choice.
Removing steps from the process helps a marketer deliver the message that BuyerGenomics has engineered the optimal target for. Response rates and sales climb as a result.

How Can We Help You?

We love what we do, and if we can be of help in developing your data-driven marketing strategy, or capitalizing on your acquisition, retention, and growth opportunities, we’re ready if you are. Call us for a no obligation conversation now. You might be glad you did.