Complete Predictive Marketing Automation Suite

There are too many opportunities, and not enough time or resources to get them. Put your marketing on AutoPilot, and capture these autonomously.

Create meaningful engagements with your customers, based on the unique actions they take. Autonomously send follow-ups based on opens, clicks, conversions, and more to give your customers relevant messages, and ensure you capture more sales.

Automate your Customer Journey with Predictive Marketing Automation, to Grow Relationships with Customers, and Increase Revenue & Profit.

Each customer is at a different stage of their Customer Journey. Managing those individual customer relationships, based on their unique behavior, creates better relationships. Create unique and personalized 1-to-1 targeted communications, and deploy them autonomously to grow lifetime value.

To get a true 360 Degree view of your customer, you need to know how they interact with your brand as well as who they are as people.

BuyerGenomics creates this 360 degree view by appending each customer record with 3rd Party Psychographic and Demographic data, tracks every interaction a user has with your brand with the BuyerGenomics Universal Touch System, and monitors each users Customer Journey in real-time.

We often hear that many organizations lack true visibility into their business.

BuyerGenomics was built for retailers and the out of the box reporting reflects that. Every report in BuyerGenomics takes an omni-channel approach, giving you the ability to track across your different selling channels, as well as your discounting amounts, average order values, lifetime value, and much more.

BuyerGenomics has created a more efficient approach to designing intelligent, adaptive, better converting email campaigns.

As a Predictive Marketing Automation platform, BuyerGenomics brings with it an effortless Drag and Drop builder, a visual campaign layout, and smart templates to provide an elegant and productive experience. Go beyond “batch and blast” with predictive behavioral actions like Window Shopping and Smart Cart Rescue.

BuyerGenomics segmentation engine was built to enable the marketer to build any segment to accompish their goals.

The segmentation engine allows users to segment based on any aspect of your customer base whether it be transaction data, predictive scores, Demographic, Psychographic, Ethnographic, or Geographic data that is in your database. Every account comes preloaded with proven to convert segments that can be used on day for email, direct mail, or your Facebook/Google retargeting efforts.

With BuyerGenomics, you get a state of the art Customer Data Platform that collects, transforms, houses, and unlike many other CDPs, makes your data actionable inside of the tool.

Once ingested your data is transformed, you are presented with insights into your customer base and given an information advantage over the competitors. BuyerGenomics stitches together your historical data, no matter how many times you might have changed platforms, and depulicates your records to create a single view of every customer in your database.

One of the keys to winning in marketing is relevancy. BuyerGenomics makes it simple to identify what makes each customer unique and personalize the marketing communications that each customer receives.

Of course BuyerGenomics has all of the traditional personalization options, but what makes it truly advanced is the Recommendation Engine. One of the Recommendation Engines most valuable actions is Window Shopping, which analyzes users browsing history on your site and deploys a campaign when it recognizes conversion potential is highest.

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