Provide New & Strategic Customer Intelligence,
Predictive Marketing Thought Leadership.


BuyerGenomics improved paid media performance… and we’ve built a best-in-class solution on the toolset.

We share results and our Elite Solutions Partner credential, in all new business pitches –its a differentiator in the new era of 1st Party Data.




  • Deliver next-level, differentiated solutions to your Clients problems, with backup from data science experts.
  • Shape senior Client conversations with unprecedented insight that transforms the Service Provider-Client relationship from a ‘labor commodity’ to a ‘strategic partner’

  • Lead your Client and manage the “single-source-of-truth” for intelligence & answers they cannot get anywhere else.
  • Increase your efficiency with tools & strategies that deliver Guaranteed results. Get support from data experts you are not likely to have on staff.


  • Operating your business 5 or more years, and have a strong reputation with both present and former clients
  • Have at least 5 years or more of experience servicing a variety of clients in retail, and e-commerce
  • Have the majority of your business, in the retail/e-tail category, or have a retail division
  • Have experience in various channels of online marketing
  • Omni-channel experience with multi-store brands is a plus

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