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“Our Paid Media Team used BuyerGenomics to improve ROAS to a new all time high… we’ve built a best-in-class solution on the toolset. We share results and our Elite Solutions Partner credential, in all new business pitches –its a differentiator in the new era of 1st Party Data.“


  • Support from data science thought leaders for pitches & account defense.
  • Prevent commoditization of your traditional service offerings.
  • Deliver C-Suite & board analytics your client can’t get anywhere else.
  • Generous Partner revenue share.


  • Operating for 5 or more years, and have a strong reputation with present and former clients
  • At least 5 years or more of experience servicing a clients in retail, and e-commerce
  • Majority of your business, in the retail/e-com category, or have a focused e-com/retail division

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