Our Mission

Our Story

Our Team started in the early days of the consumer Internet, building technology & marketing solutions for brands like Marriott, JVC, Hard Rock, Ruth’s Chris, & Havaianas –whose CEO called our team the “most hard core analytical talent” he’d worked with. Google called our work “…among the best we’ve seen.”

We later built an ESP business delivering billions of emails for AMC, Verizon, American Giant, NYX Cosmetics, & Citi.  Listening to Customers, we saw a massive opportunity to grow eComm & retail businesses, using only basic data brands have, but can’t leverage.

The Problem: Brands acquire the wrong customer. They get stuck on high acquisition costs and modest first purchases, from low potential or “one & done” buyers. They can’t grow customer value fast enough to scale, profitably.

The Solution:  Acquire the uniquely “right customer” for each brand & accelerate customer growth with a technology that learns, nurtures, and improves customer value growth.

The Result:  BuyerGenomics autonomously acquires your highest-potential new customer & nurtures them to 2-5x more sales, with less effort & expense.

Our People

Finding & developing exceptional ‘Band Members’ isn’t easy.

To find the best & brightest creative problem solvers, we actually had to invent a system to efficiently ID great “B.G.’s (pronounced BeeGee’s —while we’re not the “Brothers Gibb” (pictured right) “BuyerGenomics” people or BeeGees have high cognitive load … 2.5 standard deviations above the norm or higher to be exact.

Cognitive ability is just one of our criteria to get in here. Future BeeGee’s also must be their most authentic ‘You,’ whatever that is is welcome, as long as it’s real

Ask us how we’ve assembled ‘The Band’ that rocks competitive modern technology, 5-Star ratings & a track record for satisfied customers. We’re happy to share our team building secrets with you.’

Our Users

We couldn’t say more, than our Users have to say about their BuyerGenomics experience. We work hard to help them keep winning and keep scaling up, profitably.

We ferociously focus new updates, inspired by our Users that add measurable value & satisfaction for them and creates marketing that millions of consumers find more interesting, engaging, and act on.

Ranked Higher in User Satisfaction than Adobe, Oracle & Salesforce

Independently Ranked “Top Performer” & Higher in Customer Satisfaction
BuyerGenomics is ranked higher in User Satisfaction than Industry Giants like Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce, & Cheetah Digital in the Marketing Automation category.*

We’re also proud to be ranked higher in Customer Satisfaction than venerable brands including Experian, Epsilon, SAS and Zeta.*


* Source: G2 reviews, 6/2/2022