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Our Story

BuyerGenomics was developed by an elite NYC Marketing Agency (Endai) to create an unfair advantage for clients. Due to it’s versatility, BuyerGenomics is often described different ways by our clients including: CRM, Customer Marketing Database, Customer Intelligence software and at times “our secret weapon“.

BuyerGenomic’s parent company Endai, founded in 1999, is approaching 20 years of learning, listening and innovating for hundreds of brands and savvy direct marketers. As a full service agency, we curated a long list of repeatable strategies and tactics from decades of cross-client learnings that became our PlayBooka Proven Methodology that scales revenue.

Endai is more than a Marketing Agency; we are technology company that isn’t afraid of being an early mover. We have a long track record of innovation and homegrown tech innovation; most notably, in 1999 Endai launched MarketTraq Email, an enterprise ESP that now sends billions of email messages a year.

Endai listens very closely to client needs to inform where we invest. In the early days (before #BigData was a term), our senior strategic analysts and more sophisticated clients wanted to get more targeted in their marketing. At that time, this meant deeper segmentation in their Email Marketing tool. ESPs are very good at delivering mail, but an ESP is simply not designed (for good reason) to act as a customer marketing database. We understood what a Customer Marketing Database architecture looked like from our Direct Marketing background. In fact, Database Marketing wasn’t new, but the data opportunity exploded as computing power increased enabling both the storage and manipulation of this data. Large organizations had the multi-million dollar budgets to invest in large scale multi-year database projects, but this was far out of reach from the mid sized marketing organization.

Our Headquarters

Located in New York City

213 W. 35th Street, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 1.646.561.6350

Our Vision for BuyerGenomics and What it has Become Today:

big data

BuyerGenomics is Big Data

We wanted BuyerGenomics to democratize the big data opportunity. We invested millions building our cloud marketing database platform.

customer marketing segmentation

BuyerGenomics is Marketing

We wanted BuyerGenomics to specialize and cater to marketers. We created a Customer Marketing Database Platform specifically for the marketing department that could be implemented without IT.

customer intelligence

BuyerGenomics is Intelligence

We wanted BuyerGenomics to be intelligent. We hired a team of data Scientists to develop algorithms that clean, normalize and find insights right out of the box.

customer acquisition

BuyerGenomics is Scalable Growth

We wanted BuyerGenomics to have a clear path to value. We built a tool that enables a new client to execute significant winning strategies quickly, and over time.

The Leadership Team

Mike Ferranti
Mike FerrantiFounder & CEO
Mike, the Founder & CEO of Endai and industry thought leader, brings 20 years of marketing analytics and technology depth.
Damian Bergamaschi
Damian BergamaschiDirector, Strategy & Marketing
Damian, the Director of Marketing & Strategy at Endai, is a passionate & creative analytical and marketing thought leader.
Gary Beck
Gary BeckChief Strategy Officer
Gary, the Chief Strategy Officer, has a background that includes over 30 years of analytics & database innovation for several leading Fortune 500 companies.