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Our Mission is to Make Success Inevitable
for our Customers, Team, and Partners

Our Story

BuyerGenomics has grown rapidly as a modern Predictive Marketing Automation platform under the leadership of tenured experts in retail, data science, and modern technology, and we are thriving independently as a proven solution for on and offline r/etail brands.

Clients simply love BuyerGenomics as evidenced by third-party reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) and through continued long term relationships and regular referrals to friends and colleagues.

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646-561-6350 | info@buyergenomics.com

Built to Solve Retailers Challenges

R/etailers and multi-channel marketers need more than “data,” “analytics” or “insights” –they need outcomes. Working closely with many brands over time, we have made this our primary focus –BuyerGenomics does not simply provide an information advantage that improves strategy –it provides execution advantage that drives the business, and in significant part, autonomously.

Due to its depth and versatility, BuyerGenomics is described in different ways by our clients including: our CRM, Customer Marketing Database, Customer Intelligence software and at times by BG users, “our secret weapon.“

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is simple, to democratize the advanced capabilities of the Fortune 100 brands for the vast majority of retail and ecommerce brands.

Our mission is to Make Success Inevitable for our subscribers, team and business partners

Doing so required us to develop advanced new methods and develop new machine intelligence. But we couldn’t stop there to make success truly inevitable. We then connected that intelligence directly to BG’s AutoPilot technology –so BuyerGenomics doesn’t just find the opportunity at the individual customer level to generate incremental revenue “now” –but can autonomously deliver the marketing to complete the transaction and grow the customer’s value.

Doing this at an unprecedented scale is our promise and our passion to retail/ ecommerce brands everywhere.

When you work with BuyerGenomics, you’ll experience first hand how our obsession to Make Success Inevitable makes your goals and your success –ever more inevitable.

We Listen

BuyerGenomics was born of more than 20 years of marketing analytics, customer data and technology and retail/etail competency. We collected many thousands of hours learning, listening and innovating from the feedback of more than 150 retailers that we stitched into BuyerGenomics.

Not surprisingly, our first priority is to listen very closely to each Client’s needs to inform where we invest in the evolution of our Machine Intelligence and capabilities in our platform.

Before #BigData was a well worn hash tag, our Clients wanted to get more “laser targeted” with their marketing. This meant deeper segmentation and better customer intelligence. It meant their email marketing had to evolve from traditional “batch and blast” to true 1-to-1 communications.

Our “Big Bang” Moment

We knew ESPs were good at delivering mail, but the countless legacy ESP’s are simply not designed (and for good reason) to act as a comprehensive predictive marketing database –we owned one of them that still delivers billions of messages a year.

However, we understood what an effective Customer Marketing Database architecture was from our combined 100+  years of direct & database marketing.

Consistently our customers were seeking an edge to elevate their performance, their revenue, and their profitability. They needed greater customer value to justify the high cost of customer acquisition, and they needed to acquire the right customer in the first place… one that spent more and spent more often with the brand.

BuyerGenomics was built from the ground up, and from day one to work across every channel, record every touch and to autonomously leverage that data to deliver hard business value in the immediate term. If that sounds interesting to you, it was interesting to us to. That’s what happens when you consistently listen and invest in the needs of your customer.

The Leadership Team

Mike Ferranti
Mike FerrantiFounder & CEO
Mike is the Founder and CEO of BuyerGenomics, bringing 20+ years of organizational, analytics and technology expertise. He has developed high performing solutions and software for major brand clients and niche marketers alike. Mike is a recognized thought leader in the predictive marketing automation and digital marketing. He provides commentary and analysis to the media including Bloomberg TV, Brandweek, Buisness of Fashion, Total Retail and DM News. Mike earned an MBA from The University at Albany and an Entrepreneurial Masters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nancy Matnick
Nancy MatnickChief Financial Officer
Nancy brings extensive functional experience in information systems, accounting, finance, process control, business systems, and business acquisition and integration to BuyerGenomics. She holds a BS from Babson College, with majors in Accounting and Business Law. Even more impressive, Nancy is a Six-Sigma Black Belt and has a vast background with public accounting firms in addition to a long-standing career in an executive role with MSC Industrial Direct, a publicly held corporation.
Gary Beck
Gary BeckChief Strategy Officer
Gary’s background includes over 30 years of analytics & database innovation for several leading Fortune 500 companies and Madison Avenue advertising agencies. Gary has been a frequent lecturer and author on the topics of database marketing and applied statistics. His articles have been published in DM News, Direct Marketing and the Journal of Direct Marketing. He recently was President of the Direct Marketing Idea Exchange and currently serves on their Board. Gary received his M.S. in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

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