Email Automation

Newton is our all new Integrated Personalized Email Builder that the busiest of marketers can upgrade every email with ability to effortlessly “Drag & Drop” Predictive elements into an email in seconds. Now you can convert any existing “batch” email into a 1-to-1 predictive marketing email faster than you can read this sentence. Really.

Although advanced personalization has historically been elusive, as building such emails historically adds complexity and becomes a limiting factor. Those days are over with the all new Newton Message Builder in BuyerGenomics.

Its visual layout and smart templates provide the most elegant and productive experience. Simply drag predefined blocks of content, images, text, and “drop” them into your custom brand template. Beautiful, on-brand emails that outperform for the first time, are simple to produce.

BuyerGenomics emails go far beyond “batch and blast”, bringing predictive behavioral actions like Window Shopping. Simply drag and drop a Window Shopping action, and AutoPilot will automatically deploy the optimal message when it recognizes conversion potential is at its peak.

Whether your customers are craving. browsing, or leave an item in their cart, each user behavior is captured and considered and opportunities you (and AutoPilot) won’t miss again.

BuyerGenomics Campaign X-Ray delivers detailed performance metrics on the marketing campaigns BuyerGenomics deploys.

Compare by drop, customer segment, or by creative to see what performed best, and who performed best, BG gives the metrics you need to understand your customer behavior, and get the highest response rates are at your fingertips.

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