Data Enhancement

BuyerGenomics assembles a true 360 degree view of your customers including response, transaction, behavior and purchase prediction, demographics, life stages and lifestyle — autonomously. Most users tell us this is the most complete and actionable view of the customer they have ever seen. Yet, it is available to put to work on day one as a BuyerGenomics user.

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BuyerGenomics gathers practical, actionable information about your customers’ lifestyles, life stages, incomes, interests and many other dimensions. It also automatically builds the reports and intelligence you need in retail and ecommerce.

Many BuyerGenomics users build their monthly and quarterly data sharing and presentations to management, the board, and investors. Our category leading Flash Reports can answer any inquiry you have on your business or your customer base — and users call it a “life saver” on a fairly regular basis!

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BuyerGenomics pre-clusters nearly every consumer in the US and creates a high definition view of what kinds of customers are buying, fading, growing, or at risk of attrition in your base.

It is especially useful to leverage these insights to customize communication based on who that individual is — and to find more of the customer profile you want to add more. This is proven again and again to deliver a key competitive advantage in net new customer acquisition.

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