BuyerGenomics at the SFA Business Summit

SFA Business Summit Presentation

This April, our Founder, Mike Ferranti, presented at The Specialty Food Business Summit, taking place in Chicago, IL. Below is an excerpt from his featured presentation about Email Marketing and implementing our MVB Model. You can find a transcription of the video below as well as a few images.

[00:00:03] Now there are three laws that if you get nothing else out of today take these home, write this one down Number 1 it has got to be relevant. Relevancy is in the eyes of the reader. So again you talk about the folks in the boardroom the High-Five new idea. But what I would say is start with the question who cares. Because that’s what your customer or your subscribers is thinking in their crowded inbox.

Number two that email has to be anticipated. And so that gets to permission they have to have some reasonable expectation of getting mail from you. And they have to have a reasonable expectation of the cadence perhaps that you will send. So anybody here like it when you get to much email from somebody probably not. So if there’s any surprise instead of anticipation We’ll that’s going to be considered Spam that’s really important because the definition of spam today is whatever the consumer considers spam really really important. So the easiest way to deal with that is to make it relevant and anticipate it.

The last one is be sure that that mail has some value in their eyes. You know value sometimes people say well that’s a discount or a promotion, incentive it doesn’t have to be sometimes just educating the consumer about your other products about categories you operate in, that they’re not familiar with is very valuable, a link to a video on YouTube that teaches them about unique value propositions and the products you offer. How it’s exceptional gift for example be very valuable but always answer that question well what’s in it for me. [1:51.1]