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Acquire New, Higher-Value Customers

Replace Old Stories About Your Customers with a Proven Targeting System for Acquiring the Most Profitable New Customers.

new customer acquisition

Outperform Your Competitive Set, Acquire New, Higher-Value Customers that spend
like your Best Customers Do Today

What’s Wrong with New Customer Acquisition Today?

Hungry marketers consume resources to acquire low value customers. Instead, marketers could leverage Customer Intelligence extracted from their historical customer data to do better.

When they do, they ensure their Marketing Campaigns produce a higher Marketing ROI by identifying their most valuable customers in the first place, and converting them more efficiently. While the method isn’t trivial, the results speak for themselves. Acquire new customers that spend more, and spend more often — at scale.

How to Acquire New Customers?

Statistical models make this possible, and cloud computing makes it scalable and faster than ever before, but dialing in that statistical model by itself can be time consuming and expensive. Few organizations have the resources to do this well, and too many miss the opportunity to re-make their business with a surge of new customers — a strategy we call “Lift Off” .

BuyerGenomic’s Customer Intelligence & Targeting Engine predicts which prospective consumers will respond to your product and perform financially in your business. This platform finds your Most Valuable Prospective Customers to ensure your investments only target the high quality customer, and converts them driving evergreen revenues in your business.

Who is the Most Valuable Customer?

What if You Created a “Moat” Around the 20% of Your Customers That Drive 80% of the Profits?

The Most Valuable Customers typically have longevity. They are customers who purchase more frequently, they have higher average order sizes, or monetary value to your organization, they tell their friends about you, and while they appreciate a product they like on sale, they also pay full price to get what they want. These customers are quite profitable.

Without the ability to discern what makes up your ideal customer with hard evidence, most organizations continue to miss the opportunity to retain the best customers, much less acquire a materially greater percentage of them over time.