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As a marketer, you need the advantage to outperform your competition and keep your high-value customers choosing you.

What are the Difficulties of Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value?

Without the ability to discern what makes up your ideal customer with hard evidence, most organizations continue to miss the opportunity to protect and grow the core customer base.

Furthermore, without these insights, your message can’t be as relevant in the eyes of these most valuable customers, the bedrock of the business. Competition is likely as creative and relevant as you are … so as a marketer you need the advantage to outperform them and keep your high-value customers choosing you. Without which brands perceived as less relevant, or become less engaging –attrition follows swiftly.

Few marketers have taken the time and effort to simply thank their top customers for their relationship with the brand and their business –the ultimate reason is typically it is too hard to identify them and keep track of them over time. Executing a more comprehensive and intelligent customer value growth program is an impossibility for many organizations altogether.

How do You Grow Customer Lifetime Value?

Knowing your customer is the initial solution for your loyalty success. Differentiating the customer based on loyalty scores that BuyerGenomics produces do help. Marketers who miss or under-perform on loyalty measures often begin with a common error. That error is not identifying who in your customer base has the “genome” to become a loyal customer in the first place.

BuyerGenomics is built to provide an actionable advantage to marketers in the short term and build the business methodically over time. It’s SmartSegments autonomously identifies customers that are statistically, the “Most Valuable” to your business, and re-scores this important “who’s who” in your customer base every day on its own.

Your most valuable customers will stay and keep spending with your brand if treated uniquely, differently, and they feel special. This is why BuyerGenomics makes that easy, helping you to become a better, data-driven, marketer and develop durable, more profitable customer relationships.

What is a Good Customer Loyalty Program?

It all starts with acquiring and retaining the right customers. The right customers for any brand are the ones who spend more and more often. These are customers who bring the much-needed gross revenue and significant profits. That affinity is ultimately expressed through trial, repeat purchase, higher order size and referrals from other customers who are bound to spend similarly.

Very real outcomes you can expect from a high-quality customer loyalty program built around your unique customer and your business:

  1. Higher Customer Retention
  2. You generate more social referrals
  3. Those customers buy more often (frequency)
  4. Less Sensitivity to pricing and price increases in particular
  5. The cost of customer acquisition can actually be lower
  6. Exchanges and returns decrease “naturally”
  7. You recognize profit growth