Impactful Insights Through
Customer Segmentation

laser target your message

Marketers need to have a sense for where the opportunity is in their business, many simply can’t tell today.
However opportunity analysis is incomplete without truly understanding who the customer really is.

advanced customer segmentation

BuyerGenomics Smart Segments makes it easy to be a better marketer and
develop stronger customer relationships

What are Smart Segments?

SmartSegments Algorithms generate statistically validated segments where RFM Signals are strongest for a given marketing strategy. A simple explanation of how they work begins with the “bell curve” –for each of a number of measures including tenure of the customer or lack thereof (new buyers) value, frequency of purchase (a loyalty measure) BuyerGenomics dynamically identifies the individuals who exhibit the strongest signal on each segment (1 standard deviation above the norm).

This enables the marketer to have a highly intelligently picked target to execute a specific strategy with. For example, the Most Valuable Buyers SmartSegment are those that are far and away more valuable to the business than any other customer –these customers need to be treated uniquely, differently and treated specially. They do not have a scalable method of doing so –SmartSegments makes it easy to be a better marketer and develop stronger customer relationships.

How Easy is it to Build a Customer Segment?

Customer Segments are as easy as a point and a click. Marketers can now access hundreds of variables that match up automatically at the Customer level or at the Transaction Level. This permits segmentation from the most simple product level query to the most complex segments joining AND and OR criteria. There are no limits to what a marketer can access in BG Advanced Segmentation –acting on that query is easy. Segments can be exported with a single click, the result of the query can be viewed in seconds online before downloading, and the customer count for that target can be calculated as you build you segment to ensure it’s a material target in the first place.

Buyer Lifecycle Analytics uses historically-validated models to identify which active customers are likely to stop or slow down their purchasing- and you can rapidly deliver targeted individualized messaging to win them back.

How Do you Segment Customers in Clusters?

Segment Customers in Custom Demographics Clusters using BuyerGenomics BGID’s, which are a globally unique identifier for each end consumer in a marketers database and system-wide throughout the BuyerGenomics Platform. These BGID’s can then be passed seamlessly through to visitor records in the new release of GA, “Universal Analytics” –this integration allows a marketer to peer across visitors and buyer and see their extensive clickstream in GA/UA while connecting intelligence about those visitors like their economic value, projected value, tenure, loyalty measures, and Client specific Mega Cluster classification, opening up a new level of intelligence to marketers.

Messaging performs more than 40% stronger as measured by response rates when it is mass customized with BuyerGenomics Customer Intelligence.