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When it comes to Customer Intelligence, the BuyerGenomics team has a saying that if it’s not actionable, it’s not intelligence. BuyerGenomics was created with the end-in-mind of delivering actionable strategies that grow revenue today.

Advanced New Customer Acquisition

BuyerGenomics identifies the most predictive attributes of your Most Valuable Buyers, and helps you efficiently target net new customers; this enables you to focus your marketing investment on acquiring only new customers that will spend like your most valuable buyer does today. These net new customers have the highest likelihood of becoming long-term, ultra high value customers that carry the revenue and profitability of your business.

The impact of even a slight increase in the percentage of ultra-high value customers in any database is not linear –it’s exponential. This is a capability the modern marketer in a competitive business cannot live without.

  • Improved Response Rates

  • Higher Average Order Values

  • More Full-Price Purchases

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Maximize Customer Growth & Loyalty

Improve your Customer Loyalty with Customer Intelligence (CI). CI is the discipline of transforming raw customer data and extracting actionable information that is otherwise entombed. BuyerGenomics is built to make the Customer Intelligence discipline actionable and accessible to the vast majority of marketers across every channel, and of every size.

BuyerGenomics identifies the attributes that make a customer more or less valuable; this enables the marketer to target net-new customers through BuyerGenomics that not only “look like” existing customers, but are statistically proven to spend-like the marketers very best historical customers.

  • More Repeat Purchases

  • Increased Cross-Buying

  • Better Returns on Marketing Campaigns

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