Omni Channel Marketing Automation Software
That Serves & Satisfies Your Customer

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What if Machine Intelligence could target the right message to the right customer, at the right time automatically?

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Now you can with BuyerGenomics AutoPilot™

AutoPilot automatically makes critical predictions about an individual Customer’s Buyer Lifecycle. AutoPilot
then delivers an individualized message with the right offer at the time that it matters most.

What is Omni Channel
Marketing Automation?

AutoPilot, or Omni Channel Marketing Automation, is technology driven intelligence connected to autonomous capabilities. BuyerGenomics AutoPilot literally allows the marketer to set some of the most advanced, intelligent 1-to-1 marketing –on “auto pilot.”

The way AutoPilot achieves this is the tool can see changes in behavior for every individual customer in real time that the marketer cannot see otherwise –and engage each individual with no human intervention at all with messages crafted with a strategy in mind to maximize the value of the engagement and directly driving revenue.

How Does Omni Channel
Marketing Automation Work?

In order to do Omni Channel Marketing Automation, AutoPilot delivers the right message to the right customer, at the right time using a Customer Cohort Behavior algorithm based on frequency, recency and other customer data. In other words, AutoPilot predicts when each of our customers is ready to buy again with it’s “In-Market” Algorithm.

AutoPilot will then autonomously deliver “crush target” emails–those that “crush” the performance of the batch and blast emails sent today — with no deployment effort on our part –this allows us to focus on messaging, offer, and creative that celebrates our brand.

‘AutoPilot’ also enables “Hazard Modeling” to ID which of our customers are moving towards attrition –before it happens — and takes preemptive action.

When we can “see” these Hazards to sales and customer value, AutoPilot will automatically rescue lost sales with marketing delivered in time to stimulate subsequent purchases and save customers before they fall into attrition and it’s too late.

This is a revolutionary value to retail brands because it is using your actual customer data and transaction behavior to inform the optimal communication and the optimal time – but moreover, you can easily see the “Sales” resulting directly from AutoPilot.

Why Does Omni Channel
Marketing Automation Drive Improved Results?

Omni Channel Marketing Automation drives more sales because it is using your actual customer data and transaction behavior to inform and automate the optimal communication at the optimal time. As a BuyerGenomics user, you can easily see the Sales resulting directly from AutoPilot™ Campaigns.

The other reason it works and continues to work is that this capability is machine intelligence — meaning the system has a learning period where AutoPilot ingests your data, runs calculations, and improves its algorithms over time. AutoPilot gets smarter as it continually processes your data & results.