Database Marketing Software That Adds Value
With Mathematical Certainty

See How Effortless it is

BuyerGenomics solves problems that stifle marketers ability to “see” and act on both opportunities and problems customer data can highlight when their data is not in a purpose-specific marketing database with big data analytics.

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BuyerGenomics delivers the ability to laser target the right message to the right person at the right time,
without the effort and expense traditionally required.

What is a Database Marketing Software?

A Customer Marketing Database can fundamentally provide marketers with fast access to the right information, make it effortless to view an opportunity from many angles, and then make taking action on the target not only possible –but easy. Where “IT” databases store and “warehouse” data for many purposes and functions, a Customer Marketing Database is singularly focused.

The nature of the opportunities a Customer Marketing Database uncovers is both those that seem intuitive and those that require some data mining to expose them. It also simplifies the challenge of “leveraging data” with a simple to use interface, eliminating the necessary complexity of database optimization, querying, data enhancement and modeling from the marketing user experience.

BuyerGenomics was made for the vast majority of Marketers who come from a primarily creative or strategic background who have neither the ability, time or budget to work through the typical complexities of working with various types of data and creating value with it.

How Long Does it Take to Create a Marketing Database?

Creating a Customer Marketing Database in the cloud normally takes 2-3 weeks. All marketers need to do is supply a historical transaction data file. No traditional “data integration” headaches. Having worked with hundreds of millions of records across many organizations, we know virtually all data is a bit messy. We make it easy, we provide a user guide that simplifies the approach.

The “Data Integration” process has been reinvented – as a result, BuyerGenomics SuperMatch Algorithm can effectively match back 70% to 95% of all transactions. That means a dramatically faster time to value for Marketers. No futzing with data, just actionable insights now, and the tools to build sales and profit over time.

What Data Do I Need for My Marketing Database?

Transaction data is the strongest predictor and most valuable data, bar none. Yet most marketers transaction data is typically locked away in a website CMS or POS system in a raw and unusable format. Even with a progressive IT organization, that data is usually locked in an “IT” database for the primary purpose of “warehousing” –frequently captured and stored using logic devoid of marketing intelligence.

The data is often stored as “transactions” and does not show how various transactions actually roll up into a single Customer Relationship over time –to be fair making that leap is far from trivial, and would require dramatic experience or high priced batch processing through third parties.