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marketing analytics

BuyerGenomics delivers integrated Customer Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Marketing
Automation that empowers you to reach the right customer with the right message, at the right time.

marketing analytics database

Built For Performance Hungry Marketers

Historically, marketing has had to wait… and wait… and wait… for the data they need to discover and act on the insights in their customer data. IT departments are stretched and marketers are dependent on legacy systems, and tools that were not built for the marketer’s modern needs.

Excel is still the best analytical tool in many marketing organizations –and its the best too many organizations have to answer the questions they have that can change the game, and take them to a new level of performance.

BuyerGenomics was created side by side with retailers, and by experienced data-driven marketers, who had been wrestling with the same problems and business objectives, you almost certainly have.

As a result, marketers consistently have an emotional reaction to the power and capability they get on day one –and the time to value is the fastest of any tool they have ever used.

  • Quick & Seamless Integration

  • Transform Transaction Data to Competitive Advantage –Autonomously

  • Unlock the Value of a True 360° View of The Customer

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customer segmentation

Effortless Customer Segmentation

Building long-term relationships with your customers is essential to growth– it can be tough to identify and re-engage customers who are at risk of abandoning your brand.

From your longest-term, most loyal customers to new buyers just beginning their relationship to your brand, Marketing needs to deliver actionable intelligence on a daily basis as your customer relationship evolves and changes, enabling them to take critical corrective action when you need it most.

  • Unlimited Levels of Variability

  • Point & Click Logic

  • Easy Actionability for Impactful Results

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customer loyalty analytics

Understand & Grow With Your Customers

The process of sifting through traffic and ultimately acquiring people that buy from you is critical to your customer acquisition efforts. Managing your “audience” is often referred to as the early stages of the “Customer Journey.”

Marketers need Customer Intelligence to identify and predict when critical events that affect customer value will occur, at the individual customer level. Understanding the Buyer Lifecycle and the Customer at a deeper level enable the marketer to target individuals at each stage and tailor your message with exceptionally actionable customer intelligence.

  • Direct Marketing Automation

  • The Right Marketing, to the Right Customer, at the Right Time

  • Put Your Marketing on ‘AutoPilot’

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omni channel marketing automation

Drive Better Customer Retention, Automatically

With their Inbox more crowded than ever, consumers are beginning to find “batch & blast” or “one size fits all” messages less and less relevant. “Spammy” batch emails experience declining response rates, and consumers eventually opt-out or click the “SPAM” button blocking us from reaching them again.

BuyerGenomics enables you to send a truly individualized message to the right customer at the right time. This helps increase sales because consumers prefer more relevant offers and content based on their prior purchases, their needs, lifestyles, and the right timing, –which vary more substantially from Customer to Customer than is apparent without data evidencing how very different they are.

  • Buyer Lifecycle Analytics

  • Keep Your Active Customers Buying

  • Win-Back the Customers You’ve Lost

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